Martha McDevitt-Pugh
for International Chair

Meet Martha.

She will inspire volunteers, deliver results, and help us win elections. 

The Democrats Abroad community has shown time and again that the votes and advocacy of Americans abroad make a real difference in people’s lives. 

Martha believes that we can turn possibilities into realities when our community is mobilized to win elections and advocate for issues that affect Americans abroad. 

Martha is running because she wants everyone in Democrats Abroad at the table.  She knows that for Democrats to win future elections - starting with 2024 - we'll need all hands on deck. She will bring her considerable talents in team building and volunteer empowerment to help us expand our reach in the 2024 election and beyond.

Our Voices Must Be Heard

The experiences of Americans living across cultures are unique. When our voices are heard and our votes are counted, we can shift the conversation and make real change.

As DA chair, I will leverage the genius and creativity in our organization, using all we have collectively learned and built. We have the institutional knowledge and extraordinary people willing to step up and give of themselves to uphold democracy. We have the commitment and support to make a difference up and down the ballot.  We have challenges, and we have shown that when Americans abroad mobilize to win elections and advocate for issues that matter, we can solve them together.

Martha supports Anne Brady for International Legal Counsel and Karen Frankenstein for International Secretary.

We're with Martha.

Linda Adeson, United Kingdom

"I have been increasingly impressed by Martha’s reasoned, thoughtful, and measured approach to listening to others and really understanding our volunteers and the organization and how best to connect the two for maximum efficacy". 

Brandon Perlberg, United Kingdom

"I can think of no better person to serve as Chair for Democrats Abroad". 

Carmelan Polce, Australia

"Democrats Abroad is lucky to have a leader like Martha prepared to take on this critically important position at a time when we need our organisation operating at peak competency. " 

Julian Becker, United Kingdom 

"She is uniquely positioned to lead us as we face our next chapter". 

Michael Ramos, Australia

 "With much at stake for our Party and our future, I endorse the candidacy of Martha McDevitt-Pugh for DA International Chair."

Juan Cerda, France

"Martha has consistently demonstrated to be a decisive and visionary leader who prioritizes results, fosters connections, demonstrates insights, and cares about us, the volunteers, the heart of this organization." 

Jennifer Lenhart , Chile

"DA would be in strong hands under her steadfast leadership. Go, Martha!"

Connie Borde, France

"Martha McDevitt-Pugh is running for Chair of Democrats Abroad, and I'm happy and proud to endorse her candidacy."

Maya Buchanan, United Kingdom

"Martha brings a wealth of DA experience built up over many years. She has a firm understanding and working knowledge of the Democratic Party, the DNC, and the role that Democrats Abroad has to play in helping to secure Democratic wins."

Deedee Gierow, Sweden

"Martha has the knowledge, passion, and people skills to move us in the right direction."

Gary Suwannarat, Thailand

"Martha brings professional competence, compassion and drive to Dems Abroad; she has my full support."

Steve Nardi, Canada

"I am honored to endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair of the DPCA.  From my years of experience as an organizational leader in the corporate and volunteer sectors, the DPCA would be well served to have Martha as International Chair."

John Chudy, Guatemala

"I wholeheartedly endorse Martha McDevitt Pugh for International Chair of Democrats Abroad."

Quaide Williams, Germany

"For her recognition of the importance and caliber of DA's volunteers, and for her positive vision for the future, I am happy to endorse my friend Martha for Global Chair."

Amy Fuller, The Netherlands

"She knows how to get things done while keeping a level head. She’d be an excellent International Chair for Democrats Abroad, and I wholeheartedly endorse her."

Judith Bolker, United Kingdom

"I fully support Martha McDevitt Pugh. She has the leadership experience to deliver the results that we need for Democrats to win elections." 

Kat Allikian, New Zealand

"Martha will lead Democrats Abroad with wisdom, with inclusion, and with determination.  Please join me in supporting Martha for International Chair of Democrats Abroad."

Dori Schwartz-Laboune, France

I'm very impressed by Martha's willingness to speak with members and listen to their concerns. I think she will make an excellent global chair. It seems to me that she is exactly the kind of person we need at the helm of Democrats Abroad. 

Ron Schlundt, Germany

Ms McDevitt-Pugh is highly qualified to be DPCA chair, and I endorse her enthusiastically. 

I hope that the DPCA will elect her at the June meeting in Washington. 

Susan Fitoussi, France

"Martha impresses me with her down to earth core concern and knowledge of the DNC, Washington DC and Democracy! Looking at her professional background, she is equally impressive!"

Austin Allaire, United Kingdom

As a UK Voting Representative and Chair of the DAUK LGBTQ+ Caucus, I am delighted to endorse my friend Martha for Chair of Democrats Abroad. She will not only bring a wealth of experience to the role but also a collaborative and charitable spirit which will lead us well into the future. 

Earl Fowlkes, USA 

Martha is a passionate and dedicated Democrat who has represented Democrats Abroad for many years. 

Jim Mercereau, Spain

Martha will make an exceptional International Chair. Her years of organizational experience will benefit Democrats Abroad enormously. She has my hearty endorsement and my vote! 

Sally DeSipio, Portugal

"I whole-heartedly endorse her as International Chair, and can't wait to work with her to elect Democrats up and down the ballot."

Dani Follett, France

"She inspires trust as she listens to the ideas and needs of our many volunteer leaders, and brings a positive, collaborative spirit to governance."

Max Dunitz, France

"I know that Martha's extensive volunteer experience and careful attention to volunteer input will lead our organization to invest in what works when it comes to turning out younger voters."

Chris Reilly, Spain

"I am so thankful that Martha and Steve, high achievers in their professional careers and with long experience in senior Democrats Abroad roles, understand that the DA Global Leadership positions require continuous 24/7 voluntary commitment and have stepped up to make this significant personal sacrifice in their private lives." 

Julia Bryan, Czech Republic 

"Martha understands the unique value of the organization and the volunteers that make it powerful. She leads with grace and clarity and recognizes the need we have to look forward and adapt to the changing landscape ahead of us. I am thrilled that she is running for Chair and honored to endorse her for the position."

Lisa Berger, Spain

"Martha has demonstrated a commitment to process and transparency, as well as great leadership skills to bring out the best in others and motivate others with a positive message to inspire people to get involved to make our democracy stronger."

Andrew Tucker, Netherlands

"Martha has the experience and the knowledge to guide this organization in the right direction. I support Martha and I hope that your will too." 

Kendra Borgen, Netherlands

"There is no doubt that Martha is the best choice to lead us to victory in November 2024, and I am eager to see the possibilities that lie ahead under her encouraging leadership."

Randi Weitzner, Canada

"When I think about the Martha/Steve leadership team, I can feel the energy and focus they will bring to our work, and I am excited to endorse them."

Dana Freling, Finland

It is my distinct honor to endorse Martha for International Chair in 2023. To my knowledge, there has never been a more experienced candidate running for the position of International Chair of Democrats Abroad than Martha McDevitt-Pugh. 

Ann Hesse, Germany

"I enthusiastically endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair of Democrats Abroad. Her ability to motivate people and her understanding of how to get things done in a collaborative spirit derive from her many years in professional management work."

Elizabeth Kelly, United Kingdom

"Only Martha/Steve have the proven track record and management experience to draw out the best of all our volunteers and to lead us into the critical 2024 election season so we can do just that - get Democrats elected!"

Roberta Enschede, Netherlands

"I support Martha McDevit for chairperson of the DPCA for many reasons.  Firstly, I believe she is selflessly committed to the needs of our country and of our fellow Democrats who live and work abroad."

Miguel Madrigal, Costa Rica

"Next weekend let’s unite in support of Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair. With her exceptional leadership qualities, Martha will lead our party to victories in 2024 and beyond! 

If elected, Martha would become one of the most seasoned International Chairs ever elected."

Bob Vallier, France

 "There is, in my view, only one candidate who has both the breadth and depth of understanding and experience to chair this organization for the next two years, and I’m pleased to endorse enthusiastically and without reserve Martha McDevitt-Pugh."

John Eastwood, Taiwan

"I tremendously appreciate Martha's enormous contributions to DA efforts in the other areas -- her leadership and advocacy on the issue of same-sex marriage rights for Americans (and more broadly for all other issues of equality) deserve recognition. Martha will be an effective leader for Dems Abroad, and I encourage you to support her!"

Marjorie Bernstein, France

"I submit my strong endorsement of Martha McDevitt-Pugh as Chair of Democrats Abroad. Martha is an engaging, committed and inspiring leader, just the person we need to take us forward."