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About Martha

What type of Advocacy work has Martha done?

Highlights of Martha's advocacy are listed below. 

UNITING AMERICAN FAMILIES ACT - Access To Family-Based Immigration For Same-Sex Binational Couples

Founded and Chaired the Love Exiles Foundation, an international community of US Citizens whose activism resulted in a revolution in US immigration law for American citizens with same-sex partners. 

Democrats Abroad Involvement

Advocacy work on behalf of DA

2013 WINDSOR RULING:  Immigration became available to same-sex couples and their families following the June 2013 Windsor decision, which ruled that section 2 of the Defense of Marriage Act violated the US Constitution. 

LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Activism


**This policy change was made by the Biden administration State Department in 2021.** 

What is Martha's professional background?

Martha has extensive professional management experience in various settings, and understands that managing and leading are different roles. Both are critical in an all-volunteer organization tasked with a mission such as ours.  

Management (getting the right things done)  

She believes that an effective Chair neither delegates everything nor does everthing themselves.  An effective Chair will manage a large and complex team of volunteers, making sure the organization does not lose focus while respecting areas of expertise and allowing volunteers to develop within the organization. The Chair must find a balance between trusting/delegating and providing boundaries/keeping the focus on the right tasks. Her experience includes the following:

Leadership: (inspiring others in a group to accomplish a mission)

Leadership involves the ability to motivate and inspire others to join in on projects and work to achieve that organization’s mission. Collaboration, marshaling resources, and rewarding and appreciating the work of others is a complicated set of skills that is critical to lead DA, an all-volunteer organization. Martha has honed these skills over the years:

What is Martha's public speaking experience?

What are Martha's leadership principles?

Martha's leadership principles are: