How do I vote for Martha

Martha McDevitt-Pugh is running to be International Chair of Democrats Abroad 2023-2025

This election will take place at the next Annual General Meeting of the DPCA (Democratic Party Committee Abroad, aka “Democrats Abroad”), the weekend of June 9, 2023, in Washington D.C. 

This will be the first meeting since 2019 that Democrats Abroad will meet in-person, since COVID. As with all meetings of the DPCA, the AGM will also be able to be attended remotely (such as via Zoom or WebEx).

How do I vote for Martha? 

Only voting members of the DPCA, also known as DPCA Voting Representatives, can vote for Martha. 

Any member of Democrats Abroad may run to become a DPCA Voting Representative in the “Country Committee” where they live. To check when elections occur, see the country committee page for where you live here: If you need help, contact us at

To become a member of Democrats Abroad, you must be a US Citizen, 18 years or older, living outside the United States, and join at

What is the DPCA or Democratic Party Committee Abroad? 

Democrats Abroad (“DA”) is the overseas arm of the US Democratic Party, and is treated like a State Party by the DNC. Per the DA Charter, the DPCA body is the highest authority of Democrats Abroad — this body is composed of DPCA Members who are elected every two years to represent their Country Committees (or in some cases, geographical groupings organized as country committees). These “CC” or Country Committee elections are conducted locally in the Spring of 2023 (almost all to be completed by May, prior to the AGM in June.)

Every CC carries at least two votes (CC Chair and CC Vice Chair), and, in cases with larger committees, will have additional votes carried by DPCA Voting Representatives elected specifically with this responsibility. Such DPCA Voting Representatives may vote directly on governance matters of the DPCA including Elections, Charter amendments, and Resolutions, among other business. DPCA Voting Representatives in attendance of the meeting may also carry up to three proxy votes of other DPCA Voting Representatives who cannot attend.

If you are a DPCA Voter, please commit to attending the AGM either in person or virtually and voting for Martha. 

If you cannot attend the AGM please commit to proxying your vote to someone who will be sure to vote as you instruct. If you need help with this, please contact us here.

If you are willing to reach out to others on why Martha must be our next Chair, please contact us here!

What about DPCA Non-Voting Members or Alternates? 

Many Country Committees will elect Alternates or Non-voting DPCA representatives, who per the DA Charter are full members of the DPCA in every respect except that they do not carry a vote intrinsically themselves. As DPCA members they may otherwise participate fully in matters of the DPCA, and they may also carry up to three proxies.

What if I'm not part of the DPCA? How to I make my voice heard

Your DPCA representatives are elected  to  represent your country. You can contact DCPA rep and let them knowyour preference for chair.

How do I support Martha?

You can a write a testimonial

You can share a campaign meme on social media.

You can contact your DCPA Representative and let them know who you want Martha to be DA International Chair.