Endorse Steve Nardi
for DA International Vice-Chair

We're with Steve!

Julie Buchanan, Canada

Dear DPCA Colleagues,

I've worked alongside Steve Nardi since his first DA volunteer activity in 2012 and enthusiastically endorse him for International Vice Chair of the DPCA. Steve's commitment to inclusivity and valuing every member's voice is unparalleled. In addition, he consistently seeks solutions and compromises, collaborating with integrity and respect to achieve our goals.

Steve's dedication is evident in his tireless work ethic and willingness to take on any responsibility. His entrepreneurial skills were instrumental in establishing a successful campaign office in Toronto, showcasing his organizational prowess and innovative thinking.

As a skilled listener, Steve approaches discussions with empathy and thoughtfulness, delving into the background and history of issues and ensuring well-informed decisions. In addition, he fearlessly tackles challenges, including leading CA through a successfully reimagined GOTV strategy during the pandemic.

His election as the first LGBTQ+ Vice Chair of the DPCA, alongside Martha McDevitt-Pugh as the first LGBTQ+ Chair, would be a historical testament to DA's commitment to inclusivity.

With Steve as Intl Vice Chair, I'm confident he can lead and bring about positive change. DA will continue to thrive and grow under his guidance. So let us proudly support Steve Nardi for Intl Vice Chair, knowing he will tirelessly advocate for our organization and its members.

Democratically yours,

Julie Buchanan, 

DPCA Voting Rep

Past Executive Vice-Chair, Past Co-Vice Chair, DA Canada

Past Chapter Chair, DA Canada-Toronto

Merrill Oates, Hungary

I am pleased and honored to be able to provide my endorsement of Steve Nardi to be the next International Vice-Chair for Democrats Abroad.

Experience is a good thing. In DA we need leaders who have both experiences, and the ability to use that experience to find innovations that will open up new opportunities for the organization. Steve’s years of experience in DA – from the local, to the country level, to the International levels – means that he understands the full range of issues that face our organization.

I believe that Steve will be a strong – and when necessary, independent – Vice-Chair who can be both a trusted advisor to the Chair and someone who can provide corrective perspectives and an occasional counter-point to the Chair – which will make for a stronger leadership team.

I believe that Steve shares with me a vision of how this organization can be better, and can do more to reach voters – particularly if we make more effective use of data and technology. As Vice-Chair Steve Nardi will be a strong advocate for:

Steve and I will probably not always agree on every issue within DA, but I do know that Steve is someone with whom I can have an honest and informed discussion, and that through those conversations we will both be able to better serve DA.

I know that Steve is also driven by a deep-seated sense of commitment to justice and doing good, to helping and caring for others, and for society at large. I deeply respect that he is able to show the emotional sensitivity that reflects that care and the underlying motivations that drive his efforts to bring about change.

I look forward to working with Steve as our next Democrats Abroad International Vice-Chair.

– Merrill Oates

Vice-Chair DA-Hungary

DA Data and Analytics Director

Deputy Chair, DA IT Team

Former Regional Vice-Chair, EMEA Region

Inge Kjemtrup, United Kingdom

Endorsement for Steve Nardi for International Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad

I am thrilled to endorse Steve Nardi for Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad.

From the very first conversation I had with Steve when we both were elected CC chairs in the aftermath of the 2016 election, it was clear I was speaking with an exceptional leader – a strategic thinker, a problem solver, a person who inspires everyone who comes into his orbit.

In these conversations, we would compare notes about the challenges we faced as new chairs. As if we were sailing the ocean that lies between us, we spent some time in each conversation “iceberg spotting” – trying to see, and avoid, the obstacles ahead before they hit. I always left a conversation with Steve feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Whenever Steve talks about volunteers, there is genuine excitement in his voice. Steve believes that grass-roots activism is what makes DA successful. As chair, he empowered volunteers across Canada. Just call Steve and ask about volunteers, and you’ll hear that excitement too.

We keep learning from each other. DAUK’s campaign office model informed  Canada’s efforts in 2018, while Steve’s volunteer and chapter management techniques transformed my views. We are both invested in the other’s success. This exemplifies what Steve will bring as Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad.

With Steve, we will all succeed together, lifting each other up as we give it our all to win in 2024.

Steve comes with my highest recommendation and I urge you to vote for him for Vice Chair.

Inge Kjemtrup

DAUK Chair (2017-21)

DAUK DPCA representative (2021-present)

 ECCC steering committee

Chris Reilly, Spain

I am delighted to wholeheartedly endorse Steve Nardi for International Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad.

We first met while I was working on the DA Global Ad campaigns in 2020. Steve was then the Canada Chapter Chair. Canada is one of the two most important locations for the Americans we try to reach and inform via Digital Outreach. It was very clear, very quickly, that Steve understood the goals and the challenges necessary to overcome.

Our more recent interactions have shown that Steve understands what lies ahead of us in 2024 and has a clear plan on how to move forward.

Chris Reilly

Chapter Chair, DA Spain-Barcelona 2019 – 2023

DPCA Voting Representative 2021 –

Global Digital Ad Team 2020, 2022

Carmelan Polce, Australia

Dear DPCA Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Steve Nardi of DA Canada for the Democrats Abroad office of International Vice Chair.

I met Steve for the first time in 2016 when we were both attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He immediately impressed me! Who is this sparkling ball of energy with the curly blonde hair!?! He was everywhere; helping to organize our group meetings, sharing information about logistics, distributing materials and bringing relief to our ongoing transport challenges with his deep and infectious laugh. He made a great first impression and I was delighted to hear that he’d been elected as chair of DA Canada.

As Chair of DA Canada, amongst his many other leadership successes, Steve pioneered the introduction of a tax-based webinar series for members on a wide range of related topics. His innovation gave rise to DA’s institutionalized tax information webinars which are not only valued by members in need of tax support but also valued as reliable fundraisers. We have Steve to thank for this remarkable innovation.

Steve’s not only a thoughtful, innovative and insightful leader, he is also kind, engaging and a lot of fun. We will be very well served having someone with Steve’s wonderful bundle of skills, knowledge and personal traits on the ExCom and providing support, advice and camaraderie to our next International Chair.

I look forward to casting my vote for Steve for International Vice Chair on June 11th.


Carmelan Polce

DA Australia Voting Rep

Chair, DA Australia, 

VC, DA Australia

Chair, DA Lion City

Chair, DA Tax Task Force

Asia Pac Reg Vice Chair 

Juan Cerda, France

Paris Chapter Chair

DPCA Representative

Kat Allikian, New Zealand

Regional Vice-Chair for Asia-Pacific, 2018-2021

Deputy Regional Vice-Chair for Asia-Pacific, 2015-2018

DA New Zealand Chair, 2013-2017

Travel Fund Committee chair, 2016-2021

Travel Fund Committee member, 2015

DPCA Bylaws Committee member, 2019

Global NEC member, 2017

Evelyn Riera, Germany 

Deputy DA GBC Comms

Facebook State Groups Abroad Admin

Former GA State Team lead

Edna Ayme Yahil, France

Chapter Communications Coordinator Paris

John Chudy, Guatemala

DA Guatemala Chair

Randi Weitzner, Canada

Quebec Chapter Chair

Canada Chair

Canada Volunteer Manager

Canada GOTV Coordinator

Bill Cross, Canada

DPCA voting member

Julia Bryan, Czech Republic 

Vice-Chair DA Czech Republic

Former Global Chair

Ann Hesse, Germany

Global Women's Caucus Chair

DPCA Alternate Representative

Linda Adeson, United Kingdom

Chair, VFA Global Comms

DAUK Executive Committee

DAUK DPCA Voting Rep


Former Chair, Global Student Outreach 

Michael Ramos, Australia

DPCA Voting Representative

Kathy Rothschild, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Chair


Global Deputy Treasurer

Angela Fobbs, Germany


Chair Wiesbaden Mainz Chapter

Ohio State Team Lead

Environment & Climate Crisis Council Steering Committee

Global Women's Caucus Steering Committee

Founder Global Black Caucus and First Chair

Bob Vallier, France

Chair, Global LGBTQ Caucus

Former Vice Chair DA Italy

Former Secretary DA France

Global Communications Committee

Elisabeth Kelly, United Kingdom


DAUK DPCA voting representative

DAUK Treasurer (2021-2023)

DAUK GOTV CoChair (2019-2021) 

Miguel Madrigal, Costa Rica

Chair of the Global Youth Caucus

Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Costa Rica

Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Todd Huntley, United Kingdom 

DPCA Voting Rep

Stephanie Perry, Canada

Co-chair Global Phonebanking

Canada Board GOTV Officer

Toronto Board member-at-large

Jacob Wesoky, Canada

Executive Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Canada

David Mivasair, Canada

DPCA Voting Rep

Chapter Chair

PA State Team Voter Assistance Lead

Susan Brennan, Canada

Former DA Vancouver Chair

DA Canada Membership Secretary

Current DA Canada Treasurer

Christine Burstein, Caribbean Islands

Chair DA Caribbean Islands

Shari Ritter, Canada

Volunteer and caucus member for Toronto and Global LGBTQ+

Global Women's Reproductive Justice committee 

DA Toronto / Canada and phone banking 

Andrew Tucker, Netherlands

DA NL DPCA Voting Rep.

Joseph Smallhoover, France

DNC Member

former International Chair

former International Vice Chair

former International Counsel 

former International Secretary

former Chair Democrats Abroad France

Karen Frankenstein, Germany

Global Caucus Coordinator

Global Events Lead

Global IT Team 

Dana Freling, Finland

DPCA Voting Rep Finland

Chair-DA Finland 2019-2023

Chair-Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Patti Shields, Ireland


Former Vice Chair

Former Treasurer

Global GOTV lead

Julian Becker, United Kingdom

DPCA Voting Representative

Ada Shen, France

DPCA Voter

Diversity Caucus Chair

Past Chair DA France

Founding organizer DA China

Anne Brady, Ireland

DA Ireland counsel 

Quaide Williams, Germany

DPCA Voting Rep 

Cologne-Bonn Chapter Chair

 Former DAG Chair and DAG Vice Chair 

Alan Cheilek, United Kingdom

DPCA Voting Representative 

Elizabeth Blackbourn, China

DA China Chair

Disability Caucus Steering Committee

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Wisconsin Team Co-Chair

Vaccination Task Force Member