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My goal is to contribute my skills and experience to the 2023-25 DPCA leadership team to ensure that we can confidently face the morning of November 6, 2024, knowing that we have left no volunteer willing to contribute on the sidelines and spared no effort in pursuit of our ultimate mission: turning out the overseas Democratic vote.


I am excited about the opportunity to work together with new leadership to achieve this shared vision of what’s possible.  I would be deeply humbled and grateful for your support.

Why I’m Running 

It’s simple, actually: Martha McDevitt-Pugh. Having worked with Martha since early in my DA volunteering life, I have come to know her as a welcoming person whose leadership principles and values closely align with mine. We both believe that in Democrats Abroad, anyone willing should be encouraged and supported to contribute, regardless of when or how they arrived. 

Martha’s approach that significant organizational changes must occur collaboratively with all affected stakeholders, respecting that we are far from a “one size fits all” organization, perfectly aligns with one of my cornerstones for effective leadership. Martha’s candidacy has reignited my energy for what’s possible and inspired me to seek this contributing role to her efforts.


One of my proudest accomplishments in Canada was creating a trusting and respectful working relationship with several board members elected in my first term who didn’t necessarily support my candidacy, including my opponent. Sometimes a decision was not always popular, but it would always be understood why it benefited the country committee. Together we pushed Canada to new heights in GOTV efforts, with most of us staying together for the entire four years. I believe DA requires this type of leadership to hit its highest potential in 2024, which I see in Martha. 

I am grateful to Martha for raising her hand to lead us to success, and incredibly proud to be at her side.

Democrats Abroad Leadership Experience 


Having been a two-term Chair of DA Canada, which comprised 14 chapters, a few very large with most significantly smaller, l led a team of 45 board members holding varying priorities and spread across 5.5 time zones. Everything we accomplished as a Country Committee was managed virtually! I have proven experience within DA for successfully leading remote volunteers to work cohesively in creating opportunities for growth and organizational advancement while simultaneously achieving our Mission.

 Canada’s successes over those four years were achieved through the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, 99% of who I would never meet in person. Each is a volunteer like you and me, from the person who made 20,000+ calls to the person who colored postcards at their kitchen table. I was simply the conductor who motivated and supported a virtual orchestra filled with passionate people whose contribution, whether big or small, sitting in the first chair or the third section, found an avenue to contribute their talent to the symphony and was equally valued, respected, and appreciated. As a leader, I also understood when it was time to lay off the gas for people to re-energize. Every country and chapter leader delivered when I needed to lean in at mission-critical times, inspiring the teams they led and usually exceeding our stretch goals. Whether initiatives were developed by a team member or me, only by working together were we successful on all objectives, including a 40% growth in membership.