If you want to provide a testimonial/endorsement Martha for International Chair,  you can submit your statement here.

Steve Nardi, Canada

Dear DPCA Voting Representative Colleagues,

I am honored to endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair of the DPCA. 

My earliest interactions with Martha were as a new DA volunteer and member of the LGBTQ+ Caucus, which she chaired. I felt welcomed and invited to contribute to the caucus discussions as a peer from the beginning. As my DA responsibilities grew, I continued to engage with Martha on her work beyond the caucus on other areas she’s passionate about, e.g., voter outreach and voter protection. Her approach didn’t waiver. 

Over the ensuing years, I’ve observed Martha to be a dynamic leader who delivers results through welcoming, respectful, engaging, and inclusive means while possessing the strength to make difficult or not necessarily popular decisions. In addition, Martha has a quality where volunteers with something to contribute to achieving the DA mission feel enabled to do so in a supportive and collaborative environment. For Martha, successful results are achieved through a team effort. 

During Martha’s time as a DNC member for the DPCA, she has worked diligently to raise awareness of the voter outreach opportunities Americans abroad represent with the DNC and state parties while raising awareness of the ongoing issues affecting LGBTQ+ Americans living abroad. 

From my years of experience as an organizational leader in the corporate and volunteer sectors, the DPCA would be well served to have Martha as International Chair.

Respectfully, Steve Nardi 

DPCA Voting Representative 

Past Country Chair DemsAbroad Canada 

Linda Adeson, United Kingdom

I am thrilled to endorse Martha for International Chair of the DPCA. I’ve worked in GOTV for many years in the UK and have only come to know Martha as my global involvement has grown in recent years. Leading a global team has brought a very different perspective for me to understand the needs we have of our leaders and the challenges that the DPCA faces to deliver on our mission. Martha has the skills to do this, in spades. I have been increasingly impressed by Martha’s reasoned, thoughtful and measured approach to listening to others and really understanding our volunteers and the organization and how best to connect the two for maximum efficacy. Of equal importance is Martha’s understanding of volunteer inclusion and appreciation. Her extensive experience not just in issues and advocacy, but in recruiting, motivating and inspiring volunteers is critical in steering an organization like the DPCA. Proven experience, transparency, vision and empathy are the qualities that I feel will make her an incredibly effective chair. Knitting together hard-won experience and knowledge with openness to new ideas, experiences and opportunities is the recipe for success as DA strives to deliver the all-important margin of victory in key races across the USA. Martha’s quiet confidence and ability to really listen to organizers “on the ground” is stellar. She builds teams by embracing the best in all of us, and is not afraid to delegate to those who do our work. I look forward to working with Martha to deliver votes in the 2024 General Election cycle. 

Juan Cerda, France

I'm proud to endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for Chair of Democrats Abroad.

Martha has inspired me to continue volunteering for Democrats Abroad as Chair of the Paris Chapter, and she will do this for others. She is a mentor, a leader, and a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Throughout our work together of over seven years, she has consistently demonstrated to be a decisive and visionary leader who prioritizes results, fosters connections, demonstrates insights and cares about us, the volunteers, the heart of this organization. 

Martha will listen, provide a safe space for open discussion, bring solutions to our operations and good governance, and help ensure a Democratic Victory in 2024!

Juan Cerda
Chair of the Paris Chapter 2021 - current
DPCA Voting Representative for France 2021-current
Former Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Austria
Co-Founder of Democrats Abroad Solidarity Sundays
Delegate for President Joe Biden

Maya Buchanan, United Kingdom

I'm very happy to endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for Chair of Democrats Abroad! After hearing all good things about Martha for a while, I first got to know her personally in 2020 as we prepared for the Presidential elections. As Chair of DA Voter Protection I was looking for lead volunteers to help build out our teams, and her name was floated. Very soon after she became our Voter Protection Intercom Lead fulfilling the role with purpose, vision, professionalism, and absolute dedication. I cannot say enough how integral she was to the success of our voter protection mission, not to mention what a joy she was to work with. I later had the honor of working with her as my DA Voter Protection co-lead in 2021. Martha brings with her a wealth of DA experience built up over many years. She has a firm understanding and working knowledge of the Democratic Party, the DNC and the role that Democrats Abroad has to play in helping to secure Democratic wins. She has demonstrated her knowledge and experience in GOTV, Voter Protection, fundraising and critically volunteer empowerment, recruitment and retention. With her calm, steady, hands-on approach, her professionalism and solutions oriented work ethic, along with her willingness to listen and bring others to the table, I am confident that Martha is the leader that we need to help us maximize our role in bringing Democratic Victories in 2024! 

Maya Buchanan

DPCA Voting Representative for DA UK, 2021-2023

DA UK Voting Rights Group of the Policy Network, 2017- current 

DA Voter Protection Co-lead, 2021 

DA Voter Protection Chair, 2020 

DA UK ExCom member, 2019-2021 

DA Voter Protection Chair, Georgia Project, 2018 

Former DA UK Oxford ExCom member and Treasurer 

Michael Ramos, Australia

With U.S. Senate Republicans continuing to spread false information on a whole host of issues, Republicans pushing their out-of-touch, extremist agenda through the U.S. House, and Republican-led state legislatures finding new and craftier ways to suppress voters, it will take a strong Democrats Abroad (DA) leader to balance our global messaging, resources, fundraising, advocacy, and volunteers over the next few years. Fortunately, DA's Martha McDevitt-Pugh has the experience and motivation to carry on DA's legacy and lead our global organization into the 2024 presidential cycle and beyond. Speaking from personal experience, I can state with confidence that Martha has been a consistent and excellent listener and communicator at the local chapter level all the way through DA's global caucuses and up through the Democratic National Committee. With much at stake for our Party and our future, I endorse the candidacy of Martha McDevitt-Pugh for DA International Chair.

Jennifer Lenhart, Chile

I’m so excited that Martha is running for DA International Chair! I can’t imagine a better candidate with the perfect mix of vision, a track record of implementation, useful connections in the political, media and social spheres, and crucially empathy for key causes and DA members. I first met Martha in 2011 when we were both elected to the ExCom of DA Netherlands. Martha was already active in DA for many years, especially on voter registration, but it was her first time running as president – a roll that she clearly thrived in. I have since left Netherlands, joining DA activities when relocating to Sweden and Chile. Despite the distance, I remain in contact with Martha. She continues to inspire and excel from a far and I’m so excited to see what she is up to next. DA would be in strong hands under her steadfast leadership. Go Martha! 

Connie Borde, France

Martha McDevitt-Pugh is running for Chair of Democrats Abroad, and I'm happy and proud to endorse her candidacy. Martha and I have shared many years together within Democrats Abroad and also on the Democratic National Committee. Martha was a trailblazer in the LBGT+ movement since 2007 when she began her campaign for Marriage Equality leading to the final Supreme Court decision, Obergefell v. Hodges, a landmark 5-4 decision, whereby marriage equality became the law of the land. Within Democrats Abroad, Martha has consistently been a wise and greatly appreciated leader. She fosters connections with all DA leaders and members, open to discussion and always fair in her judgements. She presents a fine figure with in the Democratic Party (the DNC), having served often and generously on several of the Party's committees, notably the DNC Women's Caucus where she was elected as one of the leaders. Martha's recent retirement from her successful professional career has enabled us to elect a smart, capable, congenial and well-loved member of Democrats Abroad to lead us into the future at our Chair. We need her to lead us to Victory in 2024! 

Brandon Perlberg, United Kingdom

I endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for Chair of Democrats Abroad.

I have known Martha for over ten years. During that time, we have worked together on multiple LGBTQ+ initiatives. On each of these, Martha has impressed me with the strength of her leadership qualities: impact-driven, outcome-focused, connected, insightful, ambitious, and inclusive. One further quality stands out perhaps above all the rest: she is deeply inspiring. In my case, that has pushed me to fight harder for Democratic priorities than I otherwise would have.

When I was compelled to emigrate from US in 2012 as a consequence of the Defense of Marriage Act, it was Martha who reached out, from out of the blue, to rapidly educate me on the policy landscape, connect me to an international community of activists, and passionately encourage me to actively leverage the media to raise awareness and shape public opinion. Importantly, she didn’t just “send me off,” but rather collaborated with me over a series of months, offering her insight and guidance in a journey that ultimately saw me leading a delegation of lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

Martha similarly shepherded my efforts late last year to secure the votes needed in the Senate for passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. I had a unique opportunity to persuade my organization to lobby a handful GOP Senators, but needed Martha’s guidance on how to achieve maximum impact. Martha not only strategized with me on an overall approach, but also armed me with vital talking points and intelligence around which Senators were most likely to be receptive. This enabled me to secure my organization’s commitment to engage in a series of one-on-one dialogues with GOP Senators about the criticality for business of marriage equality, in the lead up to the historic vote in which we passed the Respect for Marriage Act late last year.

Time and again, Martha has empowered those around her to achieve strategic wins for the Democratic Party by giving them the tools they need to succeed and filling them with a belief and vision in the better future we can deliver when we work smart and work together. I can think of no better person to serve as Chair for Democrats Abroad.

Julian Becker, United Kingdom

I met Martha McDevitt-Pugh a number of years ago, when she was leading the fight in Democrats Abroad for immigration equality for LGBT+ families. I found her to be engaging, a good listener, and a great advocate for our cause. Since then, I've met, corresponded, and worked with her in several circumstances, as we met at Democrats Abroad meetings and she ran and got elected as a DNC representative. She continues to listen, advocate for Democrats Abroad and our issues, and to tell our stories. More than that, she has a better understanding of the complicated needs of all country committees, the challenges of running an all-volunteer organization, and the importance of building consensus and good will. She is uniquely positioned to lead us as we face our next chapter. I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign for International Chair of Democrats Abroad. 

Deedee Gierow, Sweden

Martha has proven herself to be a passionate and dedicated leader within DA. Going into the 2024 election cycle it will be vital to have someone at the hell with the ability to inspire and support our volunteers from around the world. Martha has the knowledge, passion, and people skills to move us in the right direction. 

Carmelan Polce, Australia

I am very pleased to support Martha McDevitt-Pugh in her campaign to become Democrats Abroad international chairperson.  Martha is well known to and respected by leaders across the organisation for her deep knowledge of our mission, operations and challenges.  She has extensive and valued experience in both the commercial world and in volunteer advocacy organisations.  She is strong, smart and committed to advancing our goals in a way that respects, develops and empowers others.  She exudes kindness, good humour and compassion.  And we can trust her to make a thorough study of our issues, consider all views and perspectives and exercise good judgement with confidence and composure.

Democrats Abroad is lucky to have a leader like Martha prepared to take on this critically important position at a time when we need our organisation operating at peak competency.  Across my 20 years volunteering for DA at the global, regional, national and local level I have seen few as qualified to serve.  I am delighted to endorse Martha's candidacy for international chairperson of Democrats Abroad.

Gary Suwannarat, Thailand

Politics too often seems run by the loudest voices in the room; Martha McDevitt Pugh counters that with quiet competence, empathy, and a deep interest in what’s really happening to others—and to the social and political systems that shape what’s happening. Martha brings professional competence, compassion, and drive to Dems Abroad; she has my full support.  

John Chudy, Guatemala

I have known Martha for more than a decade and have observed her service to Democrats Abroad as one of consistent commitment and absolute reliability. In my view, Martha's deep experience at the country committee level, at the regional level, and at the global level, coupled with her proven commitment, give her the leadership skills that Democrats Abroad needs as it transitions into a future challenged by technological and legal changes. I wholeheartedly endorse Martha McDevitt Pugh for International Chair of Democrats Abroad. 

Quaide Williams, Germany

I'm not sure if it was the first time we met, but the first time we really talked was during the Global Convention in Puerto Vallarta in 2012, swimming in the ocean. Martha and I have been friends ever since. When I was Chair of DA Germany, Martha came to many different events around the country and was instrumental in getting Pete Buttigieg to speak at the Berlin AGM in 2017. She marched with us in the Munich Pride Parade in 2013 and spoke to the Munich Chapter about marriage equality and Love Exiles. And she's been to several Germany AGMs!

Martha has clearly demonstrated her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and I know she will make it a priority to include younger and more progressive voices in our decision-making bodies. But she also values the experience and knowledge of those leaders who've been around a while, those who really know DA.

Martha will welcome fresh, new ideas. But she will also retain - or revive - those projects, teams and processes that have worked well for us over the years. 

Democrats Abroad's volunteers are an embarrassment of riches, and I am sure many talented and competent people will consider running for a position on the Global Excom. For her recognition of the importance and caliber of DA's volunteers, and for her positive vision for the future, I am happy to endorse my friend Martha for Global Chair. 

Amy Fuller, The Netherlands

Martha is the first American I met in The Netherlands when we arrived in 2013. Since that time, I’ve considered Martha an informal mentor who has always been available to advise on both LBGT issues and on voter registration and other questions I’ve had while working with Democrats Abroad. She’s a great listener, who also excels at connecting people and catalyzing change. She knows how to get things done while keeping a level head. She’d be an excellent International Chair for Democrats Abroad, and I wholeheartedly endorse her. 

Judith Bolker, United Kingdom

I fully support Martha McDevitt Pugh. She has the leadership experience to deliver the results that we need for Democrats to win elections. She will be able to increase the membership of Democrats Abroad, improve member outreach, restore financial stability to the chapters and improve the relationship of the nation chapters with Democrats Abroad International. 

Kat Allikian, New Zealand

It is my great honor to endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair of Democrats Abroad.  

Throughout the decade that I have been active and for many years before I joined, Martha has been a constant presence within Democrats Abroad.  She has served at all levels of this organization and understands what it means to be one of many volunteers who make and keep Democrats Abroad successful.  As such, she knows the true value of our volunteers, whether they dedicate a few hours a month or as many hours as a full-time job.  

Democrats Abroad has a lot of work ahead of us to motivate and mobilize voters across the world as we head into 2024.  And to do that, Democrats Abroad must have an empowered, energized, and enthusiastic band of volunteers, from local individuals doing face-to-face work to strong and cohesive regional and global teams.  With her deep understanding of Democrats Abroad and her real-world experience leading teams, there are few better than Martha who can bring this organization together and prepare us for 2024 and beyond.

Martha will lead Democrats Abroad with wisdom, with inclusion, and with determination.  Please join me in supporting Martha for International Chair of Democrats Abroad.

Kat Allikian

2018-2021 Regional Vice-Chair, Asia-Pacific

2015-2018 Deputy Regional Vice-Chair, Asia-Pacific

2013-2017 Chair, Democrats Abroad New Zealand

Earl Fowlkes, USA 

Martha is a passionate and dedicated Democrat who has represented Democrats Abroad for many years. 

Austin Allaire, United Kingdom

As a UK Voting Representative and Chair of the DAUK LGBTQ+ Caucus, I am delighted to endorse my friend Martha for Chair of Democrats Abroad. She will not only bring a wealth of experience to the role but also a collaborative and charitable spirit which will lead us well into the future.

Dori Schwartz-Laboune, France

I'm very impressed by Martha's willingness to speak with members and listen to their concerns. I think she will make an excellent global chair. It seems to me that she is exactly the kind of person we need at the helm of Democrats Abroad. 

Ron Schlundt, Germany

Ms. McDevitt-Pugh is highly qualified to be the DPCA chair, and I endorse her enthusiastically. She has many strengths, but her service as both DA Netherlands Chair and elected member of Democratic National Committee --each for two terms --especially gives her the background and experience to be an effective International Chair. I hope the DPCA will elect her at the June meeting in Washington. 

Ron Schlundt in Germany, member of DAG since 1983

I was formerly Germany chair (9 years, before term limits) 

EMEA Vice Chair (one term)

Elected DNC representative for Democrats Abroad (two terms) 

Four times a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for DA.

Susan Fitoussi, France

I hereby endorse Martha McDevitt Pugh as the future International Chair of Democrats Abroad. I had the pleasure of meeting Martha in person when I attended the EMEA summit in Athens, in 2019. I was immediately touched by her calm and confident way of speaking and her friendliness. During the pandemic I was able to attend many DA events and listen to many leaders in our community speak about the issues and concerns. Martha impresses me with her down-to-earth core concern and knowledge of the DNC, Washington DC, and Democracy! Looking at her professional background, she is equally impressive! Martha knows Americans abroad and what issues are important to them. I cannot think of anyone that I know in our community that would fit the glove of the International Chair as well as Martha. I also acknowledge her running partner Steve Nardi as Vice Chair as a very fine person who I would also endorse without a doubt. 

Jim Mercereau, Spain

Martha will make an exceptional International Chair. Her years of organizational experience will benefit Democrats Abroad enormously. She has my hearty endorsement and my vote!

Sally DeSipio, Portugal

We are all fortunate that Martha McDevitt-Pugh has raised her hand - she brings a roster of epic experience in activism and in Democrats Abroad, and has deep leadership, organizational and listening skills. I whole-heartedly endorse her as International Chair, and can't wait to work with her to elect Democrats up and down the ballot

Dani Follett, France

Martha has the vision for DA, the longstanding experience and the human warmth that will make her an excellent Chair. She knows our organization intimately, cares about it deeply, and will be able to strengthen it in so many ways. She inspires trust as she listens to the ideas and needs of our many volunteer leaders, and brings a positive, collaborative spirit to governance. She will know how to inspire and organize our teams, to do the necessary fundraising, and to put the best practices in place as she leads us through 2024. We are very fortunate that she has stepped up to the challenges of Global leadership, and it’s my honor to endorse her candidacy for International Chair.

 Dani Follett, Chair, DA France 

Max Dunitz, France

As a student working on monitoring climate variables in the biosphere, I know that every barrel of oil we keep in the ground will protect lives. In much the same way, every voter we reach and support will protect LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights and make our society fairer, democracy stronger, and climate safer.

 Martha’s experience with voter protection and dedication to get-out-the-vote efforts show that she approaches every election with the urgency and effort the policy stakes—and threat to democracy—demand. She will bring that same commitment as Chair, when she pursues the growth and attends to the health of Democrats Abroad with hard work, thoughtfulness, and transparent, accountable leadership.

 Crucially, Martha prioritizes listening to volunteers because she knows it strengthens the organization. As a student with a lot of experience getting students engaged in the political process—from fossil fuel divestment organizing and voter mobilization in the US, to GPP voting centers and events and primary, general, and odd-year voter help in France—I know that reaching students requires sustained in-person outreach with the necessary materials. I know that Martha's extensive volunteer experience and careful attention to volunteer input will lead our organization to invest in what works when it comes to turning out younger voters.

 Transparency is not just a best practice to Martha, it is essential to running a strong organization capable of making change. Transparency means our strategies and policies—at the global and country committee and chapter levels—benefit from the richness of all our experiences. I am confident that under Martha's leadership, volunteers can expect support, skill share, collaboration, and guidance from global, not last-minute changes in strategy and confusion. This means predictable leadership with a clear plan so we can table at each campus, market, or English-language bookstore one more time, get through our phone banking campaigns sooner, and follow up with voters faster—not scramble to launch last-minute efforts that could have been prepared long in advance. 

Finally, I trust Martha to represent our progressive values and enormous potential to the DNC. At the DNC, Martha works to make change and build a stronger party, not make a name and build a stronger brand. She stands up for needed reforms when we aren’t acting in alignment with our values and for the resources we need to show up in force. 

I can't think of a better person to lead our organization at this moment. 

Max Dunitz First Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad France 

Political Engagement Officer,  Democrats Abroad France Youth Caucus 

Chris Reilly, Spain

Unsettled times need strong, experienced and committed leaders, who understand the challenges that are before us and are able to prioritize, organize and engage with thousands of volunteers accordingly. 

Democrats Abroad is a unique organization with members who vote from every country and territory on earth to every US State. DA Leaders need to be able to communicate, motivate and build communities across borders and time zones on a global basis while maintaining connection with our fellow US Democrats back home. They must be familiar with the priorities of our members and the many tools necessary to enable engagement with US qualified voters residing abroad everywhere. This imposes a unique burden on the top leaders of this organization and requires a certain, rare “Right Stuff” from our candidates for global office.

Having spent considerable time discussing their experience and vision with both Martha McDevitt-Pugh and Steve Nardi - an excellent candidate for Vice Chair - I am convinced that they both possess this elusive “Right Stuff” and will best equip Democrats Abroad to succeed in the campaigns that lie ahead to 2024 and beyond. Once again, there is an absolute imperative to win, and in order to win, DA must field the best possible team. Martha and Steve are that outstanding team.

For the past four years I have been a local Chapter Chair in Barcelona, a Global DPCA Voting Rep and have been a leader on our global digital outreach teams. Martha and Steve have a deep understanding of what needs to be done in this rapidly evolving world, and clear executable plans for moving our organization forward.

I am so thankful that Martha and Steve, high achievers in their professional careers and with long experience in senior Democrats Abroad roles, understand that the DA Global Leadership positions require continuous 24/7 voluntary commitment, and have stepped up to make this significant personal sacrifice in their private lives. They honor the passion and commitment of all those who have gone before them. They understand that there is a great responsibility inherent in leading a diverse global organization of many tens of thousands of people.

It is my absolute pleasure to unreservedly endorse both for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Global. I urge everyone to please vote for Martha McDevitt-Pugh and Steve Nardi.

Chris Reilly

Chair - Democrats Abroad Barcelona Chapter

DPCA Voting Rep

Team Leader Global Digital Ads in 2020 and 2022.

 Julia Bryan, Czech Republic

I enthusiastically endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for Chair of Democrats Abroad. Her deep understanding of DA and the DNC, together with her proven volunteer and business management expertise, make her the ideal candidate for leading the charge as we enter this crucial presidential election cycle.

I met Martha at the first global meeting I ever attended, where I had the luck to sit next to her at dinner. During the course of that meal, she not only grounded me in DA and our mission to make a difference, but she also helped me feel I could make a difference too. Later, when I was Chair, I worked closely with Martha and our DNC team to advocate for Democrats Abroad in the US. To individuals or to a crowd, when Martha speaks her words resonate and were vital in our outreach to the DNC and state parties.

Martha understands the unique value of the organization and the volunteers that make it powerful. She leads with grace and clarity and recognizes the need we have to look forward and adapt to the changing landscape ahead of us. I am thrilled that she is running for Chair and honored to endorse her for the position.

Julia Bryan

DACZ Vice Chair, 

DA International Chair 2017-2021,

DA International Secretary 2015-2017

Former DACZ Chair

Lisa Berger, Spain

I have known Martha since we went to Hampshire College together and studied abroad in the countries where we now live. At Hampshire, we learned how to make a proposal and follow our passion until we realized our goal. She has been putting those skills into practice ever since. She has shown great initiative, chairing the board of the international organization Love Exiles until international same sex couples were recognized in the US for immigration purposes. Martha has worked hard over the years to build relationships in the US and abroad to create an international community in which Americans living abroad feel connected and listened to. She sets an example that demonstrates that hard work pays off. She has done the less glamorous and tedious work, like Voter Protection, to ensure everyone's vote is counted. She has demonstrated a committment to process and transparency, as well as great leadership skills to bring out the best in others and motivate them with a positive message to inspire people to get involved to make our democracy stronger. 

Andrew Tucker, Netherlands

Martha was one of the first people I met when I joined Democrats Abroad in 2019. For decades she has been a leader in this organization in many ways. The one that matters the most to me is that she was chair and founder of the Democrats Abroad LGBTQ+ Caucus. In 2020 most Pride events all over the world were canceled. Under Martha's guidance, the LGBTQ+ caucus was able to plan, organize and host many events including a 24-hour Virtual Pride. This was so essential for many people all over the world who needed an outlet and a safe place to be themselves and to connect with like-minded people from around the world. 

I believe that under Martha's leadership as Democrats Abroad Global Chair, more inclusive events like these can take place and be successful. Martha has the experience and the knowledge to guide this organization in the right direction. I support Martha and I hope that your will too. 


Kendra Borgen, Netherlands

I am writing today to offer my wholehearted support for Martha McDevitt-Pugh as our next International Chair of Democrats Abroad.

Martha first recruited me into DA leadership in 2015 when she served as the Chair of the Netherlands. From the beginning, she empowered me to take on leadership roles and responsibilities within the organization. Leading by example, she has held various important leadership positions at both the country committee level and in the international arena. To say that she fully understands the needs of Democrats Abroad is an understatement.

What I find particularly refreshing about her leadership style is her ability to work with you while allowing you to lead based on your personal strengths. She does not micromanage and recognizes that volunteers require support and empowerment more than an overly structured leadership approach. This enables individuals with different strengths to participate at levels they feel comfortable with. Instead of forcing people into a specific structure, she encourages them to bring their own style and integrate it into Democrats Abroad. 

Martha's background as a DNC member will ensure a smooth transition as our organization focuses on the crucial 2024 election. With her experience, we won't waste time searching for a path to victory. She will build upon existing structures while addressing any gaps that may exist. 

There is no doubt that Martha is the best choice to lead us to victory in November 2024, and I am eager to see the possibilities that lie ahead under her encouraging leadership. 


Kendra Borgen 

DPCA Voting Representative NL 

Randi Weitzner, Canada

Martha is exactly the kind of leader this org needs in advance of a presidential election. DA leaders and members will need to dig deep for energy and resiliency in the coming year, and Martha embodies those qualities. Even more important for the future leadership of DA, Martha’s commitment to transparency, diversity, and inclusivity will take this organization to the next level and let its full potential bloom. 

Her work experience, life experience, and DA experience give her the skills to tackle the tough issues in DA right away. Her honesty and thoughtfulness will bring members in. Members of all ages, backgrounds, and interest levels. She will make a place for volunteers who want what she and Steve want – an organization that works hard; supports, trains, and values its members; creates a plan for the future that sees DA expanding its outreach to ex-pat Americans all over the world. 

When I think about the Martha/Steve leadership team, I can feel the energy and focus they will bring to our work, and I am excited to endorse them. 

Dana Freling, Finland

To my knowledge, there has never been a more experienced candidate running for the position of International Chair of Democrats Abroad than Martha McDevitt-Pugh. Martha has volunteered at every level of the organization; she has lobbied for and affected the application of law as it affects LGBTQ+ Americans overseas, she founded and chaired the LGBTQ+ caucus, has served as Chair and Vice Chair of the Netherlands Country Committee, and currently serves as DNC Representative for our organization.


Martha’s career experience in risk management will serve DA well as we face a crossroads in growth, and her compassion, integrity, and optimism already inspire volunteers across the world in her personal sphere and amongst legions of activists who know her only by reputation. I have been personally privileged to benefit from her advocacy as I pushed to get DA’s Environment & Climate Crisis Council afloat. As a founding signatory to the DNC’s ECCC, she helped solidify our vital ties and coordination with this body, and she continues to serve on DA’s ECCC Steering Committee, offering invaluable input and guidance.


It is my distinct honor to endorse Martha for International Chair in 2023. I am confident our organization will be in consummate hands to meet the challenges and opportunities in the 2024 elections under her leadership.


Dana Freling

DPCA Voting Rep., Finland

Chair, Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Founding and Immediate past Chair, DA Finland

Ann Hesse, Germany

I enthusiastically endorse Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair of Democrats Abroad.

Martha has held so many positions within DA at multiple levels over many years that it’s difficult to imagine anyone who knows more or cares more about our organization. From DA Netherlands Chair to DNC Representative, LGBT Caucus Chair to Voter Protection Team Lead, and more, her skill set runs the gamut.

Her ability to motivate people and her understanding of how to get things done in a collaborative spirit derive from her many years in professional management work.

Martha and I have collaborated well together over many years on countless projects, and I continue to rely heavily on her wisdom, experience, and insight. 

As a global leader myself, serving now in my seventh year at the helm of the Global Women’s Caucus, I understand full well how valuable Martha’s work has been to this organization and how desperately needed her expertise is right now as we assess our disappointing performance in the mid-terms and prepare for the next election cycle. 

Democrats Abroad is fortunate to have many smart, enthusiastic, and dedicated volunteers working towards our goals together. But as we prepare to fly this “Jumbo Jet” of an organization into the storm of a Presidential election cycle, what we need more than ever is expert pilots in the cockpit. Martha McDevitt-Pugh and her Co-pilot, Steve Nardi, have the crucial skills to fly us to a Democratic victory in 2024. I am certain of it.

Ann Hesse

Chair, DA Global Women’s Caucus

Germany DPCA Alternate Voting Rep

California Voter

Elizabeth Kelly, United Kingdom

I would like to add my voice to the list of those supporting Martha and Steve for Chair and Vice-Chair. In my roles at DAUK for the past 3 election cycles (former Treasurer and Co-Chair of GOTV and current member of DAUK ExCom and DPCA voting rep), I have seen how challenging it is to lead this organization. DA needs leaders who want to understand the issues and help us work together on practical solutions for our growing organization. 

At my heart, I am a Voting Champion, an activist for the right to vote, and want to spend my energy getting Democrats elected.  Only Martha/Steve have the proven track record and management experience to draw out the best of all our volunteers and to lead us into the critical 2024 election season so we can do just that - get Democrats elected! 


DAUK DPCA voting representative

DAUK Treasurer (2021-2023)

DAUK GOTV CoChair (2019-2021) 

Roberta Enschede, Netherlands

Dear Fellow Democrats Abroad:

I support Martha McDevit for chairperson of the DPCA for many reasons.  Firstly, I believe she is selflessly committed to the needs of our country and of our fellow Democrats who live and work abroad.  Since she came to the Netherlands many years ago, she has worked constantly not only as the chair of DANL but also on the DNC.  It is work that requires wisdom, an understanding of the legal problems overseas citizens face, the ability to communicate our problems, and,  importantly make certain stateside citizens understand who we are and what we do for our country from abroad.  We are “unconfirmed ambassadors.”  Martha can and will represent our overseas concerns as well as our loyalty to our country.

 On a historical note, the Netherlands is one of the longest-standing members of the DPCA.  First came GB and France, then Switzerland, Belgium, and NL.  We have never had a DPCA chair.  Now, we have a very qualified candidate.  

I sincerely hope she will be elected.

Roberta Enschede

Former chair of DANL & Vice-chair  of the DPCA 

Miguel Madrigal, Costa Rica

Dear DPCA Voting Representatives,

Next weekend let’s unite in support of Martha McDevitt-Pugh for International Chair. With her exceptional leadership qualities, Martha will lead our party to victories in 2024 and beyond! 

If elected, Martha would become one of the most seasoned International Chairs ever elected. Her extensive experience as a Democratic National Committee (DNC) member will strengthen our ties with the DNC and the other 56 state parties, solidifying our collective strength. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Martha in 2019 during her tenure as Chair of the LGBTQ+ Caucus. Her remarkable ability to unite diverse voices was evident from the start. She actively engages with individuals and genuinely cares about their needs.

As a champion of diversity and inclusion, Martha chose Steve Nardi as her running mate, creating the first-ever 100% LGBTQ+ ticket in Democrats Abroad history. 

Martha's track record speaks for itself. As Chair of Democrats Abroad Netherlands, she achieved a remarkable surge in overseas voter turnout and unprecedented growth in Democrats Abroad membership. If elected as International Chair, she will replicate these achievements with unwavering determination.

If you are yearning for someone who will amplify young voices, Martha is the candidate for you! Because she respects and values our younger members, she will encourage them to be properly trained and mentored to become the Democrats Abroad leaders of tomorrow.  For those 18-35, rest assured that Martha will be there for you! 

For this and much more is that I will wholeheartedly cast my vote Martha McDevitt-Pugh on June 11th! I hope you do too! 

Pura vida desde Costa Rica,

Miguel Madrigal

Chair of the Global Youth Caucus

Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Costa Rica

Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Bob Vallier, France

I have now attended and/or listened to all the various candidate forums, both those approved by the NEC and those hosted by the candidates themselves.  I have listened carefully, I have asked questions both verbally and in written form, I have sought the views of others.  At the end of all this, there is in my view only one candidate who has both the breadth and depth of understanding and experience to chair this organization for the next two years, and I’m pleased to endorse enthusiastically and without reserve Martha McDevitt-Pugh.

Martha’s answers to the many questions in these various forums systematically demonstrated both a thoughtfully nuanced grasp of our mission as a political party and of the challenges facing us in the near future, and a thorough understanding of the complexities of our sometimes strange and always wonderful organization—an understanding acquired through many years of serving as a country chair and vice chair, as a caucus leader, as a member of task forces, and as a delegate to the Democratic National Committee, where she has cultivated important relationships over the last six years, relationships that will facilitate our task going forward. 

Her discussions of risk-assessment, of strategic planning and budgeting, of good governance, of volunteer engagement, and of policy implementation were informed by her many years of experience in the professional world, and demonstrate not only that she understands how to run a large organization but also that she knows what the managerial priorities are.  Her focus on and commitment to voter protection, her engagement with resolutions, and her enthusiasm for the global presidential primary underscore the fact that she knows what we are all about as a political organization.

Martha came to DA through her advocacy work on marriage equality, and she has never left her advocacy work behind, a fact that should not be underestimated.  Yes we get out the vote, but we also engage in a lot of advocacy work—whether it be about taxes or the ERA or voting rights in individual states—and her vision of how the DPCA can do this work also came through in her responses.  If, as per one of the resolutions, we do indeed want to expand our mission to include and strongly support advocacy at the state level, Martha has the experience and the bona fides to guide this to fruition, and she will do it not only by example but by rolling up her sleeves and digging in. 

Martha knows the challenges country committees face, because she’s led one—and as a country chair, ran a GPP.  Martha knows the challenges that trans-national or global units, such as caucuses, face, because she’s led one.   Martha knows how to do advocacy work, because she’s done it.   And I’ve been pleased to know Martha for nearly 15 years, during which I have often sought and benefitted from her sage advice and nuanced insight, and I know that she will bring these qualities to her role as chair to the benefit of us all.

Together with her running mate Steve Nardi as Vice Chair, whom I also heartily endorse, Martha will lead this organization through the next two years, through our global presidential primary, through the election of 2024, with wisdom, discernment, integrity, and perhaps most importantly, good cheer. She and Steve have, over the last two months, amply demonstrated that they merit our vote and that they are the best positioned and most qualified to help us smash records in 2024.


I urge you to vote for Martha at the upcoming AGM as the next International Chair of Democrats Abroad, and for Steve as the next Vice Chair.


Bob Vallier

DA France

Formerly DA Italy

Chair, LGBTQ Caucus


John Eastwood, Taiwan

I've known Martha in her roles as both a CC chair and as a DA representative to the DNC, and I endorse her for International Chair. Martha's skills as a CC chair, I saw firsthand when I visited Amsterdam and saw her coordinate both a wonderfully inclusive member event and a very well done voter-education event -- Martha clearly "gets it" when it comes to the human aspects of getting out the vote among overseas Americans. When I served with Martha on the DA delegation to the DNC, I saw also how well she communicates with other party leaders -- she put Democrats Abroad first and personal ego last, jumping in to do the hard work of ensuring state-party and DNC officials alike know what we do and how we can cooperate. Furthermore, I tremendously appreciate Martha's enormous contributions to DA efforts in the other areas -- her leadership and advocacy on the issue of same-sex marriage rights for Americans (and more broadly for all other issues of equality) deserve recognition. Martha will be an effective leader for Dems Abroad, and I encourage you to support her!